Baby boomers, not millennials, are the fastest growing renting demographic in America. Conventional knowledge says that Americans aged 52+ have little interest in renting. It is largely accepted that most baby boomers are settled into long term mortgages or gearing up for retirement in their homes. In this case, conventional knowledge is incorrect, boomers are

It’s long been accepted that going without a website is leaving money on the table. I’m here to tell you that going without a mobile solution is just as harmful to your bottom line. Pew Research recently found that 64% of Americans own an app-capable smartphone; and 10% of Americans access the internet exclusively through

Targeting Millennial’s in 2016

Sunday, 04 September 2016 by

Americans aged 18-34 are officially the largest apartment renting demographic in the United States. As of 2015 there are 75.4 million people classified as “Millennials”; 78% of that population, or roughly 58.8 million people are active renters. It doesn’t take a leasing genius to see the essentially endless potential in catering to these prospects. So

Ok, ok, hear me out on this one. I know the thought of a free mobile game based on a 90s cartoon driving leases sounds ridiculous. Believe it or not, there is actually a lot of upside to embracing this fad; even if it may be a flash in the pan. Pokémon Go is overwhelmingly